Feature and Place Names shown on 'Lake Laberge (NTS 105E)'

The following 149 feature and place names appear on the map 'Lake Laberge (NTS 105E)'. Click the link in the Name column to view the list of maps that show the corresponding place or feature.

Name Type Region Coordinates # Maps
Anticline Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.36°N 135.60°W 3
Baker Lake Lake Yukon 61.00°N 134.07°W 4
Belleview Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.35°N 135.88°W 3
Big Hill Mountain Yukon 61.42°N 135.57°W 3
Big Salmon Unincorporated area Yukon 61.88°N 134.92°W 3
Big Salmon Mountains Mountain Yukon 61.17°N 133.75°W 28
Big Salmon Range Mountain Yukon 61.17°N 133.75°W 32
Big Salmon River River Yukon 61.88°N 134.92°W 10
Birch Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.77°N 135.85°W 3
Black Ridge Mountain Yukon 61.37°N 135.45°W 3
Boswell Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.20°N 134.25°W 2
Boswell River River Yukon 61.05°N 134.22°W 7
Braeburn Unincorporated area Yukon 61.51°N 135.83°W 3
Braeburn Lake Lake Yukon 61.46°N 135.80°W 3
Braeburn Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.45°N 135.70°W 3
Bull Creek River Yukon 61.05°N 134.15°W 2
Bunker Hill Mountain Yukon 61.33°N 135.78°W 3
Cape Horn Cape Yukon 61.58°N 135.02°W 3
Carlson Creek River Yukon 61.80°N 134.22°W 4
Cassiar Bar Shoal Yukon 61.81°N 135.00°W 3
Chain Lakes Lake Yukon 61.80°N 135.57°W 7
Claire Creek River Yukon 61.98°N 135.42°W 3
Claire Lake Lake Yukon 61.88°N 135.33°W 3
Coghlan Lake Lake Yukon 61.55°N 135.48°W 7
Cone Hill Mountain Yukon 61.70°N 135.82°W 3
Conglomerate Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.63°N 135.86°W 3
Contact Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.45°N 136.00°W 6
Corduroy Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.31°N 135.91°W 3
Cottoneva Creek River Yukon 61.40°N 134.38°W 2
D'Abbadie Creek River Yukon 61.77°N 134.37°W 4
D'Abbadie Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.72°N 134.10°W 2
Dycer Creek River Yukon 61.45°N 134.25°W 2
E-Topo: Northern Canada and Alaska Collection Nunavut 72.00°N 117.00°W 64
E-Topo: Southern Yukon Collection Yukon 61.50°N 132.00°W 463
East Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.88°N 135.92°W 3
Emerald Lake Lake Yukon 61.70°N 135.93°W 3
Engles Creek River Yukon 61.27°N 134.23°W 2
Fairview Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.84°N 135.88°W 3
Fish Creek River Yukon 61.28°N 134.30°W 3
Flower Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.77°N 135.98°W 3
Fox Lake Lake Yukon 61.24°N 135.47°W 7
Frank Creek River Yukon 61.57°N 135.10°W 7
Frank Lake Lake Yukon 61.70°N 135.40°W 3
Fyfe Creek River Yukon 61.80°N 135.00°W 3
Goddard Point Cape Yukon 61.35°N 135.23°W 3
Green Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.83°N 135.92°W 3
Hancock Hills Mountain Yukon 61.22°N 135.08°W 8
Headless Creek River Yukon 61.81°N 134.68°W 5
Hootalinqua Unincorporated area Yukon 61.58°N 134.90°W 3
Hull Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.29°N 135.96°W 3
Illusion Creek River Yukon 61.83°N 134.66°W 5
Indian River River Yukon 61.07°N 134.22°W 4
Jackfish Bay Bay Yukon 61.02°N 135.15°W 3
Joe Creek River Yukon 61.39°N 135.88°W 5
Kingston Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.26°N 135.90°W 3
Klokhok River River Yukon 60.89°N 135.68°W 5
Klusha Creek River Yukon 61.73°N 136.03°W 10
Kynocks Unincorporated area Yukon 61.26°N 135.97°W 3
Lake Creek River Yukon 61.37°N 134.35°W 2
Lake Laberge Lake Yukon 61.18°N 135.20°W 7
Last Peak Mountain Yukon 61.60°N 134.22°W 2
Laurier Creek River Yukon 61.12°N 135.09°W 4
Lewes River River Yukon 64.68°N 141.00°W 48
Lime Peak Mountain Yukon 61.07°N 134.89°W 2
Little Bear Creek River Yukon 61.05°N 134.07°W 2
Little Braeburn Lake Lake Yukon 61.50°N 135.82°W 5
Little Fox Lakes Lake Yukon 61.35°N 135.65°W 3
Little Ridge Mountain Yukon 61.06°N 135.91°W 3
Little River River Yukon 60.89°N 135.68°W 5
Little River Unincorporated area Yukon 60.91°N 135.70°W 5
Little Violet Creek River Yukon 61.42°N 134.38°W 2
Livingstone Unincorporated area Yukon 61.33°N 134.33°W 2
Livingstone Creek River Yukon 61.37°N 134.38°W 2
Lokken Creek River Yukon 61.95°N 134.63°W 7
Lokken Mountain Mountain Yukon 62.00°N 134.40°W 3
Long Lake Lake Yukon 61.12°N 134.80°W 2
Loon Lakes Lake Yukon 61.18°N 134.20°W 2
Lower Laberge Unincorporated area Yukon 61.40°N 135.23°W 3
Mandanna Creek River Yukon 62.01°N 135.77°W 7
Mandanna Lake Lake Yukon 61.92°N 135.77°W 3
Martin Creek River Yukon 61.30°N 134.33°W 2
Mason Landing Unincorporated area Yukon 61.43°N 134.65°W 3
Maunoir Butte Mountain Yukon 61.51°N 135.07°W 3
May Creek River Yukon 61.27°N 134.18°W 2
Mendocina Creek River Yukon 61.45°N 134.40°W 4
Miller Creek River Yukon 61.37°N 134.67°W 3
Miller Lake Lake Yukon 61.33°N 134.98°W 3
Miners Range Mountain Yukon 61.15°N 135.68°W 10
Mistake Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.42°N 135.40°W 3
Moose Creek River Yukon 61.28°N 134.31°W 3
Moose Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.25°N 134.37°W 2
Mount Black Mountain Yukon 61.21°N 134.07°W 2
Mount Boswell Mountain Yukon 61.20°N 134.25°W 2
Mount D'Abbadie Mountain Yukon 61.72°N 134.10°W 2
Mount Edith Mountain Yukon 61.35°N 135.47°W 3
Mount Laurier Mountain Yukon 61.04°N 134.87°W 2
Mount Lewes Mountain Yukon 61.47°N 135.23°W 3
Mount Lokken Mountain Yukon 62.00°N 134.40°W 3
Mount Peters Mountain Yukon 61.37°N 134.48°W 2
Nordenskiold River River Yukon 62.10°N 136.30°W 18
North Big Salmon River River Yukon 61.76°N 134.61°W 9
Ogilvie Creek River Yukon 61.38°N 135.28°W 3
Ogilvie Valley Valley Yukon 61.42°N 135.30°W 3
Open Creek River Yukon 61.24°N 134.60°W 3
Ottawa Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.28°N 135.83°W 3
Packers Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.83°N 135.52°W 3
Pelly Mountains Mountain Yukon 61.67°N 132.50°W 81
Pilot Creek River Yukon 61.11°N 135.33°W 5
Pilot Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.02°N 135.53°W 3
Porphyry Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.87°N 135.98°W 3
Povoas Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.37°N 135.13°W 3
Ptarmigan Point Cape Yukon 61.28°N 135.28°W 3
Rangifer Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.78°N 134.05°W 3
Richthofen Creek River Yukon 61.11°N 135.21°W 3
Richthofen Island Island Yukon 61.10°N 135.17°W 3
Richthofen Lake Lake Yukon 61.24°N 135.47°W 7
Richthofen Valley Valley Yukon 61.15°N 135.40°W 3
Roaring Bull Canyon Valley Yukon 61.07°N 134.25°W 2
Roaring Bull Rapids Rapids Yukon 61.07°N 134.25°W 2
Sawtooth Range Mountain Yukon 60.97°N 133.83°W 8
Schwatka Creek River Yukon 61.58°N 136.05°W 6
Semenof Hills Mountain Yukon 61.45°N 134.58°W 11
Sheldon Creek River Yukon 61.04°N 134.22°W 4
Sifton Mountains Mountain Yukon 60.93°N 136.17°W 10
Sifton Range Mountain Yukon 60.93°N 136.17°W 10
Solitary Creek River Yukon 61.87°N 134.04°W 5
Solitary Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.97°N 134.13°W 3
South Big Salmon River River Yukon 61.61°N 134.43°W 6
St. Cyr Range Mountain Yukon 61.50°N 132.00°W 25
St. Germain Creek River Yukon 61.40°N 134.40°W 4
St. Hilary Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.38°N 135.71°W 3
Stony Creek River Yukon 60.87°N 135.75°W 5
Summit Creek River Yukon 61.38°N 134.37°W 2
Surprise Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.40°N 135.45°W 3
Sylvia Creek River Yukon 61.28°N 134.32°W 2
Tanglefoot Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.85°N 135.96°W 3
Teraktu Creek River Yukon 61.65°N 134.50°W 2
Teslin Crossing Unincorporated area Yukon 61.25°N 134.60°W 2
Teslin Mountain Mountain Yukon 61.04°N 134.60°W 2
Teslin River River Yukon 61.57°N 134.90°W 15
The Dome Mountain Yukon 61.40°N 135.51°W 3
The Thirty Mile River feature Yukon 61.53°N 135.13°W 7
Thirty-seven Mile Creek River Yukon 60.87°N 135.75°W 5
Thomas Lake Lake Yukon 61.05°N 134.90°W 2
Twin Lakes Lake Yukon 61.70°N 135.93°W 3
U.S. Bend River feature Yukon 61.44°N 135.16°W 3
Walsh Creek River Yukon 61.92°N 134.93°W 6
Yukon Plateau Plain Yukon 62.25°N 137.25°W 353
Yukon River River Yukon 64.68°N 141.00°W 48
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