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Alexander Baranov & A Pacific Empire
by Engstrom, Elton & Allan

Alexander Baranov & A Pacific Empire 
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  Alexander Baranov & A Pacific Empire: Alexander Baranov was a great leader in Alaska's history. Not only did he have longevity in his favor, he also was more powerful and influential than any of his successors. His title was Chief Manager of the Russian American Company. He served for twenty eight years from 1790 1818. He was often addressed as His American visitors Governor of Alaska. Although Baranov did not have an official brief to represent the Russian government, he conducted affairs of state on an international level. His era was a time of early exploration and commercial development, where the mold was fashioned that determined the course of events for succeeding generations. Future Russian managers would only be appendages of the status quo, and leaders in Alaska's territorial and state governments would be subservient to the interests and demands of the national government at Washington D.C. Baranov was unique. He extended the boundaries of Alaska to include the southeastern portion of the State, in competition with the interests of the British. He organized sea faring hunting voyages to California, and established a Russian colony in the distant place. He charted trips to Hawaii, to the Philippine Islands, to China and Japan to open markets and pursue trade. His early vision was a Russian empire in the North Pacific world.

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Author:Engstrom, Elton & Allan
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Juneau, Alaska
Publication Date:2004
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