Feature and Place Names shown on 'Whitehorse (NTS 105D)'

The following 322 feature and place names appear on the map 'Whitehorse (NTS 105D)'. Click the link in the Name column to view the list of maps that show the corresponding place or feature.

Name Type Region Coordinates # Maps
Alfred Butte Mountain Yukon 60.07°N 134.12°W 2
Alligator Lake Lake Yukon 60.38°N 135.35°W 2
Alligator Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.43°N 135.27°W 2
Annie Lake Lake Yukon 60.32°N 134.98°W 2
Annie Ned Creek River Yukon 60.82°N 135.77°W 2
Antimony Creek River Yukon 60.19°N 135.31°W 2
Arkell Creek River Yukon 60.80°N 135.72°W 3
Augusta Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.76°N 134.00°W 4
Austins Creek River Yukon 60.32°N 134.27°W 2
Baker Lake Lake Yukon 61.00°N 134.07°W 4
Base Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.07°N 134.35°W 2
Bear Creek River Yukon 60.43°N 134.87°W 2
Becker Creek River Yukon 60.23°N 135.16°W 2
Bennett Lake Lake Yukon 60.08°N 134.86°W 3
Bennett Mountains Mountain Yukon 60.03°N 134.95°W 2
Bennett Range Mountain Yukon 60.03°N 134.95°W 2
Beresford Hill Mountain Yukon 60.45°N 135.18°W 2
Berney Creek River Yukon 60.17°N 135.34°W 3
Big Salmon Mountains Mountain Yukon 61.17°N 133.75°W 28
Big Salmon Range Mountain Yukon 61.17°N 133.75°W 32
Big Thing Creek River Yukon 60.05°N 134.57°W 2
Blue Lake Lake Yukon 60.26°N 134.75°W 2
Bonneville Lakes Lake Yukon 60.60°N 135.30°W 2
Boudette Creek River Yukon 60.10°N 135.47°W 2
Boundary Ranges Mountain Yukon 60.33°N 136.00°W 16
Bove Island Island Yukon 60.12°N 134.52°W 2
Brute Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.08°N 134.73°W 2
Bush Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.32°N 135.08°W 2
Butte Creek River Yukon 60.20°N 135.28°W 2
Byng Creek River Yukon 60.68°N 134.27°W 3
Cantlie Lake Lake Yukon 60.66°N 134.83°W 2
Canyon Unincorporated area Yukon 60.66°N 135.04°W 2
Canyon Crescent Unincorporated area Yukon 60.66°N 135.04°W 2
Canyon Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.67°N 134.90°W 2
Cap Creek River Yukon 60.74°N 134.46°W 5
Cap Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.76°N 134.73°W 2
Carbon Hill Mountain Yukon 60.16°N 135.27°W 2
Carcross Unincorporated area Yukon 60.17°N 134.70°W 2
Carcross 4 Indian Reserve Yukon 60.07°N 134.83°W 2
Carcross Cutoff Unincorporated area Yukon 60.60°N 134.88°W 2
Caribou Creek River Yukon 60.53°N 134.30°W 2
Caribou Lake Lake Yukon 60.53°N 134.27°W 2
Caribou Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.23°N 134.66°W 2
Carls Creek River Yukon 60.25°N 134.75°W 2
Chadburn Lake Lake Yukon 60.64°N 134.95°W 2
Chaine Cotiere Mountain Yukon 60.25°N 136.00°W 5
Chieftain Gulch Valley Yukon 60.20°N 135.29°W 2
Chieftain Hill Mountain Yukon 60.19°N 135.38°W 2
Chinook Creek River Yukon 60.35°N 134.22°W 2
Cleft Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.02°N 135.18°W 2
Coal Lake Lake Yukon 60.49°N 135.16°W 3
Coal Ridge Mountain Yukon 60.50°N 135.19°W 3
Coast Mountains Mountain Yukon 60.25°N 136.00°W 16
Conrad Unincorporated area Yukon 60.07°N 134.56°W 2
Copper Gulch Valley Yukon 60.05°N 134.55°W 2
Corwin Valley Valley Yukon 60.28°N 134.97°W 2
Cougar Lake Lake Yukon 60.52°N 134.87°W 3
Cowley Unincorporated area Yukon 60.52°N 134.91°W 2
Cowley Creek River Yukon 60.62°N 134.91°W 2
Cowley Lakes Lake Yukon 60.52°N 134.87°W 3
Crag Lake Lake Yukon 60.23°N 134.50°W 4
Crater Lake Lake Yukon 60.64°N 135.03°W 2
Crestview Unincorporated area Yukon 60.79°N 135.17°W 2
Croucher Creek River Yukon 60.78°N 135.08°W 4
Crozier Creek River Yukon 60.04°N 135.16°W 2
Cub Lake Lake Yukon 60.77°N 135.44°W 2
Dail Creek River Yukon 60.26°N 135.07°W 2
Dail Peak Mountain Yukon 60.02°N 134.67°W 2
Dawson Charlie Creek River Yukon 60.23°N 135.17°W 3
De Wette Unincorporated area Yukon 60.37°N 134.82°W 2
Dickson Hill Mountain Yukon 60.20°N 135.01°W 2
Double Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.48°N 135.13°W 2
Dry Creek River Yukon 60.05°N 135.15°W 2
Dugdale Creek River Yukon 60.50°N 134.90°W 4
Dundalk Unincorporated area Yukon 60.06°N 134.84°W 2
Dundalk Creek River Yukon 60.03°N 134.82°W 2
Dundalk Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.05°N 134.85°W 2
E-Topo: Northern Canada and Alaska Collection Nunavut 72.00°N 117.00°W 64
E-Topo: Southern Yukon Collection Yukon 61.50°N 132.00°W 463
Ear Lake Lake Yukon 60.68°N 135.04°W 2
Ear Lake Unincorporated area Yukon 60.67°N 135.03°W 2
Elbow Creek River Yukon 60.50°N 134.28°W 3
Elbow Lake Lake Yukon 60.52°N 134.28°W 2
Escarpment Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.05°N 134.50°W 3
Fenwick Creek River Yukon 60.18°N 135.32°W 2
Finger Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.05°N 134.92°W 2
Fish Creek River Yukon 60.70°N 135.28°W 2
Fish Lake Lake Yukon 60.62°N 135.23°W 2
Flat Creek River Yukon 60.86°N 135.51°W 3
Flat Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.99°N 135.37°W 2
Folle Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.29°N 135.06°W 2
Forestview Unincorporated area Yukon 60.81°N 135.20°W 2
Fox Lake Lake Yukon 60.65°N 134.07°W 2
Franklin Lake Lake Yukon 60.68°N 135.30°W 2
Friday Creek River Yukon 60.42°N 135.22°W 2
Gilliam Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.29°N 134.91°W 2
Goat Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.42°N 135.05°W 2
Gold Hill Mountain Yukon 60.28°N 135.14°W 2
Golden Horn Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.56°N 135.05°W 2
Granger Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.55°N 135.25°W 2
Gray Ridge Mountain Yukon 60.26°N 134.88°W 3
Grayling Bay Bay Yukon 60.17°N 134.68°W 2
Greyling Creek River Yukon 60.52°N 134.33°W 2
Haeckel Hill Mountain Yukon 60.77°N 135.28°W 2
Hillcrest Unincorporated area Yukon 60.71°N 135.09°W 2
Hodnett Lakes Lake Yukon 60.30°N 135.18°W 2
Holmans Lake Lake Yukon 60.35°N 134.33°W 2
Ibex Lake Lake Yukon 60.52°N 135.47°W 2
Ibex Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.52°N 135.50°W 2
Ibex River River Yukon 60.83°N 135.80°W 6
Ibex Valley Hamlet Yukon 60.83°N 135.63°W 3
Ice Lake Lake Yukon 60.69°N 135.07°W 2
Idaho Hill Mountain Yukon 60.32°N 135.05°W 2
Jackson Creek River Yukon 60.71°N 135.48°W 2
Jackson Lakes Lake Yukon 60.70°N 135.28°W 2
Jackson Lakes Lake Yukon 60.68°N 135.30°W 2
Joe Creek River Yukon 60.98°N 135.04°W 3
Joe Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.95°N 134.71°W 2
Johns Lake Lake Yukon 60.19°N 139.88°W 2
Jubilee Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.19°N 134.12°W 2
Judas Creek River Yukon 60.42°N 134.24°W 4
Judas Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.37°N 134.18°W 2
Kenny Creek River Yukon 60.40°N 134.30°W 2
Klokhok River River Yukon 60.89°N 135.68°W 5
Knob Creek River Yukon 60.05°N 134.85°W 2
Knob Hill Mountain Yukon 60.08°N 134.80°W 2
Kookatsoon Lake Lake Yukon 60.55°N 134.87°W 2
Laberge Creek River Yukon 60.98°N 135.04°W 3
Lake Laberge Lake Yukon 61.18°N 135.20°W 7
Lake Laberge 1 Indian Reserve Yukon 60.95°N 135.10°W 2
Lakeview Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.45°N 135.07°W 2
Lansdowne Unincorporated area Yukon 60.26°N 134.77°W 2
Latreille Creek River Yukon 60.05°N 135.03°W 2
Leine Creek River Yukon 60.03°N 134.15°W 2
Lemieux Creek River Yukon 60.02°N 135.18°W 2
Lewes Creek River Yukon 60.36°N 134.82°W 2
Lewes Lake Lake Yukon 60.37°N 134.83°W 2
Lewes River River Yukon 64.68°N 141.00°W 48
Lewis Unincorporated area Yukon 60.33°N 134.82°W 2
Lime Creek River Yukon 60.08°N 134.50°W 3
Lime Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.13°N 134.39°W 2
Little Atlin Creek River Yukon 60.30°N 134.02°W 4
Little Atlin Lake Lake Yukon 60.25°N 133.96°W 5
Little River River Yukon 60.89°N 135.68°W 5
Little River Unincorporated area Yukon 60.91°N 135.70°W 5
Lorne Unincorporated area Yukon 60.31°N 134.80°W 2
Louise Lake Lake Yukon 60.70°N 135.28°W 2
M'Clintock Lakes Lake Yukon 60.91°N 134.50°W 3
M'Clintock River River Yukon 60.56°N 134.48°W 4
Macauley Creek River Yukon 60.05°N 135.24°W 2
MacRae Unincorporated area Yukon 60.64°N 135.00°W 2
MacRae Camp Unincorporated area Yukon 60.64°N 135.00°W 2
Marsh Lake Lake Yukon 60.45°N 134.30°W 4
Marsh Lake Unincorporated area Yukon 60.52°N 134.33°W 2
Mary Lake Lake Yukon 60.67°N 133.98°W 4
McClintock Unincorporated area Yukon 60.55°N 134.51°W 2
McConnell Lake Lake Yukon 60.45°N 134.92°W 2
McDonald Creek River Yukon 60.12°N 134.80°W 2
McIntyre Creek River Yukon 60.77°N 135.09°W 3
McKae Camp Unincorporated area Yukon 60.64°N 135.00°W 2
Michie Creek River Yukon 60.67°N 134.47°W 4
Michie Lake Lake Yukon 60.68°N 134.17°W 2
Miles Canyon Valley Yukon 60.67°N 135.03°W 2
Milk Creek River Yukon 60.32°N 134.25°W 2
Millhaven Bay Bay Yukon 60.10°N 134.92°W 2
Millhaven Creek River Yukon 60.12°N 134.92°W 3
Mineral Hill Mountain Yukon 60.33°N 135.23°W 2
Miners Range Mountain Yukon 61.15°N 135.68°W 10
Minto Unincorporated area Yukon 60.38°N 134.82°W 2
Minto Hill Mountain Yukon 60.38°N 134.72°W 2
Monkey Creek River Yukon 60.43°N 134.32°W 2
Montana Creek River Yukon 60.07°N 134.58°W 2
Montana Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.06°N 134.68°W 2
Moose Brook River Yukon 60.21°N 133.99°W 4
Morrison Creek River Yukon 60.35°N 135.15°W 2
Mosquito Creek River Yukon 60.22°N 134.00°W 2
Mosquito Hill Mountain Yukon 60.45°N 134.97°W 2
Mount Anderson Mountain Yukon 60.22°N 135.15°W 2
Mount Arkell Mountain Yukon 60.60°N 135.62°W 2
Mount Bell Mountain Yukon 60.17°N 135.18°W 2
Mount Brown Mountain Yukon 60.02°N 135.05°W 2
Mount Byng Mountain Yukon 60.91°N 134.34°W 2
Mount Dean Mountain Yukon 60.00°N 134.77°W 2
Mount Folle Mountain Yukon 60.29°N 135.06°W 2
Mount Gilliam Mountain Yukon 60.29°N 134.91°W 2
Mount Granger Mountain Yukon 60.55°N 135.25°W 2
Mount Gray Mountain Yukon 60.15°N 134.85°W 2
Mount Hodnett Mountain Yukon 60.32°N 135.20°W 2
Mount Ingram Mountain Yukon 60.73°N 135.62°W 2
Mount Kopje Mountain Yukon 60.23°N 135.36°W 2
Mount Lansdowne Mountain Yukon 60.36°N 134.52°W 2
Mount Lorne Hamlet Yukon 60.44°N 134.93°W 2
Mount Lorne Mountain Yukon 60.46°N 134.70°W 2
Mount M'Clintock Mountain Yukon 60.84°N 134.06°W 2
Mount MacAuley Mountain Yukon 60.00°N 135.49°W 2
Mount Matheson Mountain Yukon 60.04°N 134.71°W 2
Mount McIntyre Mountain Yukon 60.62°N 135.14°W 2
Mount McNeil Mountain Yukon 60.13°N 135.45°W 2
Mount Michie Mountain Yukon 60.51°N 134.10°W 2
Mount Morin Mountain Yukon 60.01°N 134.31°W 2
Mount Perkins Mountain Yukon 60.32°N 135.12°W 2
Mount Reid Mountain Yukon 60.17°N 135.46°W 2
Mount Skukum Mountain Yukon 60.19°N 135.48°W 2
Mount Slim Mountain Yukon 60.94°N 134.87°W 2
Mount Stevens Mountain Yukon 60.22°N 135.01°W 2
Mount Sumanik Mountain Yukon 60.75°N 135.32°W 3
Mount Thompson Mountain Yukon 60.03°N 134.32°W 2
Mount Ward Mountain Yukon 60.11°N 135.39°W 2
Mount Wheaton Mountain Yukon 60.26°N 135.03°W 2
Mount Williams Mountain Yukon 60.77°N 135.39°W 2
Mule Hill Mountain Yukon 60.35°N 135.22°W 2
Mullins Creek River Yukon 60.33°N 134.27°W 2
Munroe Creek River Yukon 60.05°N 135.02°W 2
Munroe Lake Lake Yukon 60.02°N 135.01°W 3
Murray Lake Lake Yukon 60.54°N 134.92°W 2
Nares Lake Lake Yukon 60.16°N 134.66°W 2
Nares Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.18°N 134.59°W 2
Nares River River Yukon 60.15°N 134.62°W 2
Needle Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.34°N 134.96°W 2
North Canyon Valley Yukon 60.03°N 134.65°W 2
Old Lady Lake Lake Yukon 60.00°N 134.57°W 2
Partridge Creek River Yukon 60.24°N 135.13°W 2
Partridge Lake Lake Yukon 60.00°N 135.23°W 2
Partridge Pass Valley Yukon 60.20°N 135.05°W 2
Partridge River River Yukon 60.04°N 135.16°W 2
Pelly Mountains Mountain Yukon 61.67°N 132.50°W 81
Pennycook Creek River Yukon 60.25°N 134.27°W 3
Perkins Creek River Yukon 60.33°N 134.99°W 2
Perkins Peak Mountain Yukon 60.32°N 135.12°W 2
Perthes Point Cape Yukon 60.15°N 134.45°W 2
Pooly Canyon Valley Yukon 60.03°N 134.62°W 2
Pooly Creek River Yukon 60.03°N 134.62°W 2
Porter Creek River Yukon 60.78°N 135.14°W 3
Porter Creek Unincorporated area Yukon 60.77°N 135.14°W 2
Prejevalsky Point Cape Yukon 60.08°N 134.88°W 2
Primrose Lake Lake Yukon 60.10°N 135.67°W 2
Primrose Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.35°N 135.89°W 2
Primrose River River Yukon 60.47°N 136.10°W 5
Ptarmigan Hill Mountain Yukon 60.47°N 135.23°W 2
Pugh Peak Mountain Yukon 60.30°N 135.10°W 2
Pyramid Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.22°N 134.88°W 2
Racine Creek River Yukon 60.00°N 134.68°W 2
Radelet Creek River Yukon 60.00°N 135.63°W 2
Ramshorn Creek River Yukon 60.03°N 134.57°W 3
Rat Creek River Yukon 60.33°N 134.27°W 2
Red Range Mountain Yukon 60.05°N 134.05°W 2
Red Ridge Mountain Yukon 60.36°N 135.13°W 2
Riverdale Unincorporated area Yukon 60.71°N 135.02°W 2
Robinson Unincorporated area Yukon 60.45°N 134.85°W 2
Rose Creek River Yukon 60.30°N 135.82°W 3
Rose Lake Lake Yukon 60.33°N 135.89°W 2
Rothwell Glacier Glacier Yukon 60.00°N 135.77°W 2
S.S. Klondike National Historic Site of Canada Conservation area Yukon 60.73°N 135.05°W 2
Sawtooth Range Mountain Yukon 60.97°N 133.83°W 8
Schnabel Creek River Yukon 60.31°N 134.99°W 3
Schwatka Lake Lake Yukon 60.68°N 135.03°W 2
Scout Lake Lake Yukon 60.78°N 135.42°W 2
Shadow Lake Lake Yukon 60.58°N 134.77°W 2
Shakwak Trench Valley Yukon 61.25°N 138.67°W 32
Sheldon Creek River Yukon 61.04°N 134.22°W 4
Sifton Mountains Mountain Yukon 60.93°N 136.17°W 10
Sifton Range Mountain Yukon 60.93°N 136.17°W 10
Skukum Creek River Yukon 60.17°N 135.38°W 2
Spirit Lake Lake Yukon 60.25°N 134.73°W 3
Squaw Point Cape Yukon 60.05°N 134.20°W 2
Stevens Creek River Yukon 60.25°N 134.97°W 5
Stony Creek River Yukon 60.78°N 135.97°W 4
Stony Creek River Yukon 60.87°N 135.75°W 5
Stony Creek Camp Unincorporated area Yukon 60.80°N 136.00°W 2
Stony Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.13°N 135.02°W 2
Striker Lake Lake Yukon 60.01°N 134.41°W 2
Striker Pass Valley Yukon 60.05°N 134.43°W 2
Sugarloaf Hill Mountain Yukon 60.10°N 134.65°W 2
Summit Creek River Yukon 60.23°N 135.24°W 3
Summit Creek Pass Valley Yukon 60.29°N 135.32°W 2
Surprise Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.25°N 134.88°W 3
Swamp Lake Lake Yukon 60.53°N 134.92°W 2
Tagish Unincorporated area Yukon 60.31°N 134.27°W 2
Tagish Creek River Yukon 60.32°N 134.27°W 3
Tagish Lake Lake Yukon 60.15°N 134.39°W 4
Tagish River River Yukon 60.26°N 134.28°W 2
Takhini Unincorporated area Yukon 60.74°N 135.09°W 2
Takhini Unincorporated area Yukon 60.85°N 135.45°W 2
Takhini Hotspring Unincorporated area Yukon 60.88°N 135.36°W 2
Takhini Lake Lake Yukon 60.13°N 135.92°W 2
Takhini River River Yukon 60.84°N 135.18°W 8
Taku Arm Bay Yukon 60.08°N 134.23°W 2
Tally-Ho Creek River Yukon 60.25°N 135.07°W 3
Tally-ho Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.22°N 135.06°W 2
Ten Mile Unincorporated area Yukon 60.17°N 134.37°W 2
Ten Mile Point Cape Yukon 60.15°N 134.62°W 2
Teslin River River Yukon 61.57°N 134.90°W 15
Thirty-seven Mile Creek River Yukon 60.87°N 135.75°W 5
Thompson Creek River Yukon 60.37°N 135.00°W 3
Towle Creek River Yukon 60.25°N 135.30°W 2
Trout Lake Lake Yukon 60.68°N 134.25°W 2
Twelve Mile Creek River Yukon 60.25°N 134.47°W 3
Twin Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.40°N 135.15°W 2
Two Horse Creek River Yukon 60.38°N 135.06°W 2
Upper Laberge Unincorporated area Yukon 60.94°N 135.10°W 2
Valleyview Unincorporated area Yukon 60.73°N 135.09°W 2
Vesuvius Hill Mountain Yukon 60.25°N 135.27°W 2
Wabona Creek River Yukon 60.27°N 134.78°W 3
Watson Unincorporated area Yukon 60.10°N 134.83°W 2
Watson Ridge Mountain Yukon 60.25°N 134.78°W 3
Watson River River Yukon 60.18°N 134.73°W 6
West Arm Bay Yukon 60.06°N 135.03°W 3
Wheaton River River Yukon 60.11°N 134.88°W 6
White Hill Mountain Yukon 60.32°N 134.88°W 2
White Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.02°N 134.47°W 2
White Range Mountain Yukon 60.02°N 134.52°W 3
Whitehorse City Yukon 60.72°N 135.05°W 2
Whitehorse 8 Indian Reserve Yukon 60.75°N 135.08°W 2
Whitehorse Rapids Rapids Yukon 60.69°N 135.04°W 2
Wigan Unincorporated area Yukon 60.65°N 135.02°W 2
Windy Arm Bay Yukon 60.05°N 134.57°W 2
Wolf Creek River Yukon 60.62°N 134.91°W 3
Wolf Hill Mountain Yukon 60.53°N 134.97°W 2
Wolverine Creek River Yukon 60.17°N 133.91°W 4
Wynton Creek River Yukon 60.00°N 134.68°W 2
Yukon Plateau Plain Yukon 62.25°N 137.25°W 353
Yukon River River Yukon 64.68°N 141.00°W 48
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