Feature and Place Names shown on 'Dawson (NTS 116B)'

The following 303 feature and place names appear on the map 'Dawson (NTS 116B)'. Click the link in the Name column to view the list of maps that show the corresponding place or feature.

Name Type Region Coordinates # Maps
20 Pup River Yukon 64.04°N 139.66°W 2
20 Pup Valley Yukon 64.02°N 139.14°W 2
21 Pup Valley Yukon 64.02°N 139.14°W 2
4 Above Pup River Yukon 64.01°N 139.09°W 2
77 Pup River Yukon 64.01°N 139.36°W 2
Alder Creek River Yukon 64.29°N 139.52°W 3
Alki Creek River Yukon 64.07°N 138.99°W 3
Angelcomb Peak Mountain Yukon 64.60°N 138.27°W 2
Antimony Creek River Yukon 64.16°N 138.52°W 4
Antimony Mountain Mountain Yukon 64.27°N 138.22°W 2
Antler Lake Lake Yukon 64.88°N 138.30°W 2
Arlington Unincorporated area Yukon 64.03°N 139.17°W 2
Arrow Creek River Yukon 64.63°N 138.67°W 2
August 17 Creek River Yukon 64.46°N 138.20°W 2
Auston Pass Valley Yukon 64.63°N 138.55°W 2
Australian Hill Mountain Yukon 64.03°N 139.13°W 2
Axeman Creek River Yukon 64.47°N 138.44°W 2
Azure Lake Lake Yukon 64.48°N 138.59°W 2
Ballarat Creek River Yukon 64.28°N 139.65°W 5
Bear Creek River Yukon 64.03°N 139.25°W 4
Bear Creek Unincorporated area Yukon 64.03°N 139.25°W 2
Beauty Creek River Yukon 64.63°N 138.48°W 3
Becker Pup River Yukon 64.04°N 139.60°W 2
Belcher Gulch Valley Yukon 64.03°N 139.14°W 2
Benson Creek River Yukon 64.18°N 138.52°W 2
Benson Creek River Yukon 64.08°N 139.44°W 4
Bergamin Gulch Valley Yukon 64.03°N 139.10°W 2
Big Lake Lake Yukon 64.05°N 138.50°W 3
Billy Creek River Yukon 64.34°N 139.07°W 2
Black Mike Creek River Yukon 64.44°N 138.25°W 2
Black Shale Creek River Yukon 64.50°N 138.22°W 2
Blackcap Mountain Mountain Yukon 64.54°N 138.16°W 2
Blackstone Mountain Mountain Yukon 64.65°N 138.54°W 2
Blackstone Plateau Plain Yukon 64.78°N 138.50°W 6
Blackstone Range Mountain Yukon 64.62°N 138.53°W 3
Blackstone River River Yukon 65.85°N 137.26°W 13
Bompas Creek River Yukon 64.58°N 138.66°W 3
Bonanza Creek River Yukon 64.05°N 139.42°W 4
Boot Lake Lake Yukon 64.88°N 138.16°W 2
Bordeleau Gulch Valley Yukon 64.02°N 139.11°W 2
Bradley Creek River Yukon 64.12°N 139.14°W 2
Brewery Creek River Yukon 64.02°N 138.02°W 6
Bryant Creek River Yukon 64.02°N 139.52°W 5
Cairnes Creek River Yukon 64.42°N 138.32°W 2
Caldwell Lake Lake Yukon 64.78°N 138.58°W 2
Calico Lake Lake Yukon 64.82°N 138.37°W 2
California Gulch Valley Yukon 64.02°N 139.38°W 2
Cathedral Mountain Mountain Yukon 64.52°N 138.38°W 2
Chandindu River River Yukon 64.25°N 139.71°W 7
Chapman Lake Lake Yukon 64.85°N 138.34°W 2
Char Creek River Yukon 64.60°N 137.69°W 4
Chert Mountain Mountain Yukon 64.40°N 138.89°W 2
Chisholm Creek River Yukon 64.38°N 138.35°W 2
Clear Creek River Yukon 64.11°N 139.45°W 2
Cloudy Range Mountain Yukon 64.50°N 138.58°W 5
Coal Creek River Yukon 64.48°N 140.42°W 6
Coal Creek River Yukon 64.10°N 139.05°W 3
Cottonwood Lake Lake Yukon 64.86°N 138.33°W 2
Cripple Gulch Valley Yukon 64.01°N 139.36°W 2
Cripple Hill Mountain Yukon 64.01°N 139.34°W 2
Cry Creek River Yukon 64.63°N 138.62°W 2
Dago Gulch Valley Yukon 64.02°N 139.13°W 2
Dago Hill Mountain Yukon 64.01°N 139.12°W 2
Dawson Town Yukon 64.06°N 139.43°W 2
Dawson Creek River Yukon 64.07°N 139.43°W 3
Dawson Historical Complex National Historic Site of Canada Conservation area Yukon 64.05°N 139.43°W 2
Deadmans Gulch Valley Yukon 64.42°N 138.98°W 3
Deadwood Creek River Yukon 64.10°N 139.46°W 3
Diabase Creek River Yukon 64.42°N 138.78°W 2
Dion Creek River Yukon 64.03°N 139.45°W 2
Dipslope Mountain Mountain Yukon 64.27°N 138.58°W 2
Discovery Pup River Yukon 64.04°N 139.62°W 2
Discovery Pup River Yukon 64.00°N 139.23°W 2
Discovery Ridge Mountain Yukon 64.50°N 138.13°W 3
Divide Lake Lake Yukon 64.45°N 138.50°W 3
Dog Island Island Yukon 64.10°N 139.45°W 2
Dognose Creek River Yukon 64.04°N 138.80°W 2
Dognose Creek River Yukon 64.05°N 138.84°W 2
E-Topo: Central Yukon Collection Yukon 64.50°N 132.00°W 316
E-Topo: Northern Canada and Alaska Collection Nunavut 72.00°N 117.00°W 64
East Blackstone River River Yukon 64.84°N 138.35°W 5
East Seela Creek River Yukon 64.74°N 138.64°W 4
Eight Pup River Yukon 64.00°N 139.10°W 2
Eighty Pup River Yukon 64.01°N 139.09°W 2
Empire Creek River Yukon 64.05°N 139.69°W 2
Examiner Gulch Valley Yukon 64.03°N 139.40°W 2
Falconer Gulch Valley Yukon 64.03°N 139.44°W 2
Fifteenmile River River Yukon 64.28°N 139.80°W 5
Fireman Gulch Valley Yukon 64.09°N 139.39°W 2
Fireweed Creek River Yukon 64.47°N 138.94°W 2
Fish Creek River Yukon 64.16°N 138.52°W 4
Flume Creek River Yukon 64.36°N 138.87°W 2
Fold Creek River Yukon 64.50°N 138.31°W 3
Fold Lake Lake Yukon 64.48°N 138.30°W 2
Fold Mountain Mountain Yukon 64.46°N 138.31°W 2
Fort Reliance Unincorporated area Yukon 64.15°N 139.48°W 2
Foster Gulch Valley Yukon 64.05°N 139.19°W 2
Fourth Creek River Yukon 64.13°N 139.46°W 3
Foxy Creek River Yukon 64.65°N 138.37°W 3
Fresno Creek River Yukon 64.27°N 139.80°W 3
Fysh Creek River Yukon 64.14°N 139.19°W 2
Gauvin Gulch Valley Yukon 63.92°N 139.29°W 5
Georges Gulch River Yukon 64.38°N 139.00°W 3
Germaine Creek River Yukon 64.05°N 138.92°W 2
German Creek River Yukon 64.29°N 139.31°W 2
Gilcher Creek River Yukon 64.05°N 138.84°W 2
Goldensides Mountain Mountain Yukon 64.53°N 138.19°W 2
Goring Creek River Yukon 64.05°N 138.87°W 4
Grizzly Creek River Yukon 64.40°N 138.32°W 2
Grouse Mountain Mountain Yukon 64.17°N 139.26°W 2
Guysboro Gulch Valley Yukon 64.03°N 139.14°W 2
Gyrfalcon Creek River Yukon 64.73°N 138.34°W 2
Hammer Creek River Yukon 64.50°N 138.64°W 3
Hart Pass Valley Yukon 64.55°N 138.13°W 2
Hattie Gulch Valley Yukon 64.02°N 139.12°W 2
Haymeadow Creek River Yukon 64.37°N 138.90°W 2
Henry Creek River Yukon 64.77°N 138.36°W 4
Henry Gulch Valley Yukon 64.01°N 139.14°W 2
Hollenbeck Creek River Yukon 64.11°N 138.51°W 3
Horn Mountain Mountain Yukon 64.46°N 138.65°W 2
Horsetrack Creek River Yukon 64.43°N 138.86°W 2
Hulme Creek River Yukon 64.21°N 139.37°W 2
Hunker Creek River Yukon 64.04°N 139.21°W 5
Incline Mountain Mountain Yukon 64.55°N 138.32°W 2
Infant Peak Mountain Yukon 64.97°N 138.29°W 2
Jackson Gulch Valley Yukon 64.03°N 139.34°W 2
Jaeger Lake Lake Yukon 64.62°N 138.32°W 2
Jeckell Creek River Yukon 64.20°N 139.03°W 4
Junior Creek River Yukon 64.63°N 138.67°W 2
Kentucky Creek River Yukon 64.29°N 139.35°W 2
Kit Lake Lake Yukon 64.86°N 138.93°W 2
Kit Range Mountain Yukon 64.92°N 138.75°W 4
Klondike Unincorporated area Yukon 64.05°N 139.44°W 2
Klondike Hills Mountain Yukon 64.00°N 139.37°W 3
Klondike Plateau Plain Yukon 63.22°N 138.92°W 88
Klondike River River Yukon 64.05°N 139.44°W 11
Labbe Creek River Yukon 64.37°N 138.37°W 2
Last Chance Unincorporated area Yukon 64.02°N 139.10°W 2
Last Chance Creek River Yukon 64.01°N 139.10°W 4
Last Chance Creek River Yukon 64.01°N 139.14°W 2
Last Drive Creek River Yukon 64.37°N 138.38°W 2
Laura Creek River Yukon 64.00°N 138.25°W 4
Lee Creek River Yukon 63.98°N 138.38°W 4
Lee Creek River Yukon 64.20°N 139.38°W 3
Lepine Creek River Yukon 64.08°N 139.08°W 2
Leroy Creek River Yukon 64.02°N 138.78°W 4
Lewes River River Yukon 64.68°N 141.00°W 48
Lil Creek River Yukon 64.52°N 138.23°W 2
Linta Creek River Yukon 64.02°N 138.58°W 2
Little Twelve Mile Creek River Yukon 63.99°N 139.65°W 4
Little Twelve Mile River River Yukon 64.38°N 139.00°W 2
Logger Mountain Mountain Yukon 64.31°N 138.38°W 2
Lomond Creek River Yukon 64.72°N 137.53°W 5
Lomond Creek River Yukon 64.93°N 137.06°W 6
Lomond Lake Lake Yukon 64.80°N 138.18°W 2
Lone Moose Lake Lake Yukon 64.73°N 138.33°W 2
Lone Mountain Mountain Yukon 64.39°N 139.01°W 2
Lovett Gulch Valley Yukon 64.02°N 139.37°W 2
Lovett Hill Mountain Yukon 64.03°N 139.35°W 2
Lower Syenite Lake Lake Yukon 64.46°N 138.73°W 2
McFarland Range Mountain Yukon 64.78°N 137.83°W 8
Midnight Dome Mountain Yukon 64.07°N 139.39°W 2
Mischenko Lakes Lake Yukon 64.05°N 138.50°W 3
Montana Creek River Yukon 64.02°N 139.57°W 5
Moosehide Unincorporated area Yukon 64.10°N 139.43°W 2
Moosehide Creek River Yukon 64.09°N 139.43°W 2
Moosehide Creek 2 Indian Reserve Yukon 64.10°N 139.43°W 2
Moosehide Hills Mountain Yukon 64.17°N 139.38°W 4
Moosehide Mountain Mountain Yukon 64.07°N 139.39°W 2
Morrison Creek River Yukon 64.09°N 138.50°W 2
Mount Abraham Mountain Yukon 64.99°N 138.32°W 2
Mount Adney Mountain Yukon 64.61°N 138.43°W 2
Mount Auston Mountain Yukon 64.65°N 138.52°W 2
Mount Big Alex Mountain Yukon 64.48°N 138.05°W 2
Mount Boyle Mountain Yukon 64.58°N 138.39°W 2
Mount Brenner Mountain Yukon 64.46°N 138.77°W 2
Mount Cairnes Mountain Yukon 64.44°N 138.30°W 2
Mount Campbell Mountain Yukon 64.38°N 138.75°W 2
Mount Chapman Mountain Yukon 64.86°N 138.41°W 2
Mount Chester Henderson Mountain Yukon 64.50°N 138.12°W 3
Mount Chisholm Mountain Yukon 64.37°N 138.22°W 2
Mount Davis Mountain Yukon 64.40°N 138.65°W 2
Mount Frank Rae Mountain Yukon 64.47°N 138.55°W 2
Mount Frank Ray Mountain Yukon 64.47°N 138.55°W 2
Mount French Mountain Yukon 64.32°N 138.24°W 2
Mount Gibben Mountain Yukon 64.72°N 139.19°W 2
Mount Harper Mountain Yukon 64.67°N 139.87°W 2
Mount Horn Mountain Yukon 64.46°N 138.65°W 2
Mount Ina Mountain Yukon 64.43°N 139.57°W 2
Mount Jeckell Mountain Yukon 64.32°N 138.83°W 2
Mount Labbe Mountain Yukon 64.35°N 138.27°W 2
Mount Maclennan Mountain Yukon 64.31°N 138.57°W 2
Mount Marth Mountain Yukon 65.00°N 138.33°W 4
Mount McIntyre Mountain Yukon 64.35°N 138.69°W 2
Mount Monolith Mountain Yukon 64.43°N 138.53°W 2
Mount Robert Henderson Mountain Yukon 64.51°N 138.07°W 2
Mount Robert Service Mountain Yukon 64.41°N 138.19°W 2
Mount Vines Mountain Yukon 64.83°N 138.26°W 2
Mount Walker Mountain Yukon 64.28°N 138.24°W 2
No Name Creek River Yukon 64.14°N 139.49°W 2
Noble Creek River Yukon 64.16°N 139.25°W 2
Nordling Creek River Yukon 64.15°N 138.54°W 2
North Cache Creek River Yukon 64.95°N 138.25°W 3
North Fork Mountain Mountain Yukon 64.53°N 138.30°W 2
North Fork of Klondike River River Yukon 63.96°N 138.69°W 7
North Fork Pass Valley Yukon 64.56°N 138.25°W 2
North Klondike Range Mountain Yukon 64.28°N 138.75°W 6
North Klondike River River Yukon 63.96°N 138.69°W 8
North Rock Creek River Yukon 64.21°N 139.03°W 4
North Walkers Fork River Yukon 64.05°N 139.70°W 2
O'Brien Creek River Yukon 64.02°N 138.02°W 6
O'Brien Range Mountain Yukon 64.25°N 137.83°W 7
O.K. Creek River Yukon 64.03°N 139.52°W 2
Ogilvie Mountains Mountain Yukon 64.58°N 138.25°W 45
Ogilvie Range Mountain Yukon 64.58°N 138.25°W 42
Outfitter Lake Lake Yukon 64.88°N 138.26°W 2
Outrider Mountain Mountain Yukon 64.45°N 138.17°W 2
Pack Saddle Pass Valley Yukon 64.40°N 138.10°W 2
Patrol Range Mountain Yukon 64.75°N 138.93°W 5
Peasoup Creek River Yukon 64.28°N 138.48°W 3
Pepin Creek River Yukon 64.16°N 139.22°W 2
Pistol Lake Lake Yukon 64.87°N 138.16°W 2
Preido Hill Mountain Yukon 64.00°N 139.10°W 2
Prospector Range Mountain Yukon 64.49°N 138.12°W 6
Prune Mountain Mountain Yukon 64.49°N 138.72°W 2
Puddingstone Hills Mountain Yukon 64.77°N 138.17°W 3
Quebec Creek River Yukon 64.17°N 139.54°W 2
Quigley Gulch Valley Yukon 64.02°N 139.29°W 2
Rabbit Creek River Yukon 64.06°N 138.92°W 2
Rabbit Gulch Valley Yukon 64.03°N 139.15°W 2
Rake Mountain Mountain Yukon 64.65°N 138.42°W 2
Remetry Pup River Yukon 64.04°N 139.66°W 2
Rendell Ridge Mountain Yukon 64.78°N 138.27°W 2
Robert Service Creek River Yukon 64.45°N 138.22°W 4
Rock Creek River Yukon 64.06°N 139.09°W 4
Rock Creek Unincorporated area Yukon 64.06°N 139.08°W 2
Rockcandy Mountain Mountain Yukon 64.46°N 138.39°W 2
Ruiter Creek River Yukon 64.13°N 139.18°W 2
S.S. Keno National Historic Site of Canada Conservation area Yukon 64.07°N 139.43°W 2
Sawmill Gulch Valley Yukon 64.01°N 139.47°W 2
Scoutcar Creek River Yukon 64.33°N 138.44°W 3
Sedge Lake Lake Yukon 64.80°N 138.24°W 2
Seela Creek River Yukon 64.68°N 138.96°W 2
Seela Pass Valley Yukon 64.69°N 138.88°W 2
Seela Range Mountain Yukon 64.62°N 138.80°W 2
Seven Million Dollar Ridge Mountain Yukon 64.47°N 138.03°W 2
Seventy Seven Pup River Yukon 64.01°N 139.36°W 2
Shovel Creek River Yukon 64.08°N 139.09°W 2
Signal Hill Mountain Yukon 64.23°N 138.60°W 2
Sister Island Island Yukon 64.09°N 139.46°W 2
Slate Creek River Yukon 64.35°N 139.05°W 2
Slavin Creek River Yukon 64.71°N 138.40°W 3
Small Creek River Yukon 64.17°N 139.53°W 2
Snowy Range Mountain Yukon 64.32°N 138.22°W 5
Sol Pup River Yukon 64.17°N 139.40°W 2
South Walkers Fork River Yukon 64.05°N 139.71°W 2
Spotted Fawn Gulch Valley Yukon 64.38°N 138.67°W 2
Spruce Creek River Yukon 64.36°N 139.03°W 2
Spruce Lake Lake Yukon 64.86°N 138.31°W 2
Stewart Plateau Plain Yukon 64.08°N 138.08°W 20
Swan Creek River Yukon 64.34°N 139.07°W 2
Swede Creek River Yukon 64.03°N 139.56°W 4
Syenite Lake Lake Yukon 64.46°N 138.73°W 2
Taiga Ranges Mountain Yukon 65.25°N 137.42°W 31
Taiga Valley Valley Yukon 64.75°N 137.25°W 28
Talus Lake Lake Yukon 64.42°N 138.56°W 2
Thane Creek River Yukon 64.28°N 139.70°W 2
Thirteen Gulch Valley Yukon 64.10°N 139.39°W 2
Thomas Gulch Valley Yukon 64.06°N 139.37°W 2
Tinhorn Gulch Valley Yukon 64.00°N 139.06°W 4
Tintina Trench Valley Yukon 63.42°N 137.00°W 53
Tintina Valley Valley Yukon 63.42°N 137.00°W 33
Tom O'Hara Lake Lake Yukon 64.05°N 138.51°W 2
Tombstone Mountain Mountain Yukon 64.41°N 138.68°W 2
Tombstone Pass Valley Yukon 64.45°N 138.53°W 3
Tombstone Range Mountain Yukon 64.40°N 138.62°W 4
Tombstone River River Yukon 64.42°N 138.97°W 2
Trail Gulch Valley Yukon 64.01°N 139.37°W 2
Trana Lake Lake Yukon 64.06°N 138.49°W 2
Trapper Mountain Mountain Yukon 64.59°N 138.17°W 2
Treadgold Creek River Yukon 64.75°N 138.37°W 3
Two Moose Lake Lake Yukon 64.73°N 138.36°W 2
Upper Syenite Lake Lake Yukon 64.46°N 138.72°W 2
Vantage Ridge Mountain Yukon 64.41°N 138.35°W 2
Vista Ridge Mountain Yukon 64.94°N 138.32°W 2
Waterfall Mountain Mountain Yukon 64.64°N 138.61°W 2
Watt Creek River Yukon 64.23°N 139.40°W 2
West Dawson Unincorporated area Yukon 64.07°N 139.45°W 2
West Hart River River Yukon 64.93°N 137.06°W 6
Wet Gulch Valley Yukon 64.02°N 139.08°W 2
White Hat Hills Mountain Yukon 64.75°N 138.53°W 3
Whitecrown Mountain Mountain Yukon 64.53°N 138.35°W 2
Wildhorse Creek River Yukon 64.67°N 138.37°W 3
Wolf Creek River Yukon 64.35°N 138.39°W 3
Wood Gulch Valley Yukon 64.04°N 139.27°W 2
Woodchopper Creek River Yukon 64.32°N 140.00°W 5
Yakamaw Creek River Yukon 64.64°N 138.36°W 2
Yin Yang Creek River Yukon 64.30°N 138.47°W 3
Yin Yang Mountain Mountain Yukon 64.32°N 138.58°W 2
Ying Yang Creek River Yukon 64.30°N 138.47°W 3
Yoke Mountain Mountain Yukon 64.45°N 138.72°W 2
Yukon Plateau Plain Yukon 62.25°N 137.25°W 353
Yukon River River Yukon 64.68°N 141.00°W 48
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