Feature and Place Names shown on 'Dezadeash Range (NTS 115A)'

The following 198 feature and place names appear on the map 'Dezadeash Range (NTS 115A)'. Click the link in the Name column to view the list of maps that show the corresponding place or feature.

Name Type Region Coordinates # Maps
Aishihik River River Yukon 60.83°N 137.09°W 6
Alder Creek River Yukon 60.30°N 137.36°W 2
Alsek Ranges Mountain Yukon 60.05°N 137.50°W 4
Alsek River River Yukon 60.00°N 137.81°W 7
Ark Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.23°N 136.17°W 2
Asumbo Creek River Yukon 60.59°N 136.71°W 3
Auriol Range Mountain Yukon 60.63°N 137.63°W 3
Bates Lake Lake Yukon 60.24°N 137.61°W 3
Bates River River Yukon 60.11°N 137.93°W 2
Beachview Creek River Yukon 60.65°N 137.80°W 2
Bear Creek River Yukon 60.76°N 137.66°W 2
Bear Creek Unincorporated area Yukon 60.80°N 137.67°W 2
Beloud Creek River Yukon 60.42°N 137.45°W 2
Beloud Post Unincorporated area Yukon 60.37°N 137.06°W 2
Big Mountain Creek River Yukon 60.99°N 137.05°W 6
Black Grayling Creek River Yukon 60.98°N 137.14°W 2
Blanchard River River Yukon 60.03°N 136.88°W 2
Boundary Ranges Mountain Yukon 60.33°N 136.00°W 16
Bridge River River Yukon 60.01°N 137.21°W 2
Campsite Lake Lake Yukon 60.46°N 137.70°W 2
Canyon Unincorporated area Yukon 60.86°N 137.05°W 2
Chaine Cotiere Mountain Yukon 60.25°N 136.00°W 5
Champagne Unincorporated area Yukon 60.79°N 136.48°W 2
Champagne Landing 10 Indian Reserve Yukon 60.83°N 136.30°W 2
Charcoal Creek River Yukon 60.19°N 136.55°W 3
Clay Creek River Yukon 60.13°N 137.88°W 2
Coast Mountains Mountain Yukon 60.25°N 136.00°W 16
Cottonwood Creek River Yukon 60.50°N 137.63°W 2
Cottonwood Lakes Lake Yukon 60.37°N 137.57°W 2
Cracker Creek River Yukon 60.81°N 136.85°W 2
Cranberry Creek River Yukon 60.89°N 136.26°W 2
Cripple Creek River Yukon 61.00°N 137.62°W 4
Dalton Creek River Yukon 60.32°N 137.29°W 2
Dalton Post Unincorporated area Yukon 60.12°N 137.04°W 2
Dalton Range Mountain Yukon 60.48°N 137.17°W 3
Devil's Club Creek River Yukon 60.24°N 136.57°W 2
Devilhole Creek River Yukon 60.28°N 136.30°W 3
Dezadeash Unincorporated area Yukon 60.37°N 137.06°W 2
Dezadeash Lake Lake Yukon 60.47°N 136.98°W 5
Dezadeash Range Mountain Yukon 60.69°N 136.92°W 5
Dezadeash River River Yukon 60.65°N 137.79°W 9
Dixie Creek River Yukon 61.03°N 137.85°W 4
Dollis Creek River Yukon 60.03°N 137.16°W 2
Dullmitt Lake Lake Yukon 61.00°N 137.18°W 4
Dune Creek River Yukon 60.79°N 136.55°W 3
Dusty River River Yukon 60.67°N 137.95°W 5
E-Topo: Northern Canada and Alaska Collection Nunavut 72.00°N 117.00°W 64
E-Topo: Southern Yukon Collection Yukon 61.50°N 132.00°W 463
Emery Creek River Yukon 60.96°N 137.03°W 2
Esker Creek River Yukon 60.26°N 137.27°W 3
Ferguson Creek River Yukon 60.67°N 137.92°W 2
Field Creek River Yukon 60.20°N 137.64°W 2
Fisher Glacier Glacier Yukon 60.11°N 138.30°W 5
Flying Squirrel Creek River Yukon 60.35°N 137.05°W 2
Fraser Creek River Yukon 60.31°N 137.33°W 3
Frederick Creek River Yukon 60.41°N 136.74°W 2
Frederick Lake Lake Yukon 60.39°N 136.65°W 2
Garnet Creek River Yukon 60.92°N 137.38°W 3
Goat Creek River Yukon 60.56°N 137.34°W 2
Goatherd Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.26°N 137.85°W 2
Granite Creek River Yukon 60.67°N 137.24°W 2
Granite Lake Lake Yukon 60.70°N 137.09°W 2
Gribbles Gulch River Yukon 60.31°N 137.01°W 2
Haines Junction Village Yukon 60.75°N 137.51°W 2
Hard Time Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.94°N 137.24°W 2
Harrison Creek River Yukon 60.92°N 136.23°W 5
Harrison Lake Lake Yukon 60.95°N 136.10°W 2
Hendon River River Yukon 60.07°N 136.18°W 2
Howard Lake Lake Yukon 60.23°N 136.81°W 2
Icefield Ranges Mountain Yukon 61.22°N 140.58°W 35
Iron Creek River Yukon 60.15°N 137.69°W 2
Jarvis River River Yukon 60.77°N 138.15°W 8
Jo-Jo Creek River Yukon 60.41°N 136.28°W 3
Jo-Jo Lake Lake Yukon 60.57°N 136.34°W 2
Johobo Lake Lake Yukon 60.49°N 137.58°W 2
Kane Creek River Yukon 60.12°N 137.07°W 2
Kaskawulsh River River Yukon 60.65°N 137.82°W 5
Kathleen Lake Lake Yukon 60.58°N 137.30°W 2
Kathleen Lakes Lake Yukon 60.55°N 137.38°W 3
Kathleen River River Yukon 60.77°N 137.40°W 3
Kimberley Creek River Yukon 60.86°N 138.07°W 4
Kloo Lake Lake Yukon 60.95°N 137.86°W 2
Klowtaton Lake Lake Yukon 60.96°N 136.69°W 2
Kluane Hills Mountain Yukon 61.08°N 138.23°W 8
Kluane National Park and Reserve of Canada Conservation area Yukon 60.75°N 139.50°W 47
Kluane Plateau Plain Yukon 61.88°N 140.10°W 61
Kluane Ranges Mountain Yukon 61.12°N 138.38°W 29
Kluhini River River Yukon 60.47°N 136.92°W 3
Klukshu Unincorporated area Yukon 60.29°N 137.00°W 2
Klukshu Lake Lake Yukon 60.31°N 137.01°W 3
Klukshu River River Yukon 60.12°N 137.03°W 5
Kusawa Lake Lake Yukon 60.35°N 136.37°W 4
Kusawa River River Yukon 60.09°N 136.15°W 2
Lake Ray Lake Yukon 60.36°N 137.19°W 2
Langton Creek River Yukon 60.01°N 136.88°W 2
Lava Creek River Yukon 60.56°N 137.83°W 2
Louise Lake Lake Yukon 60.53°N 137.48°W 3
Lower Kathleen Lake Lake Yukon 60.60°N 137.23°W 2
Marble Creek River Yukon 60.42°N 137.81°W 4
Marl Creek River Yukon 60.81°N 137.49°W 3
Marshall Creek River Yukon 60.80°N 137.34°W 4
Mendenhall Landing Unincorporated area Yukon 60.75°N 136.04°W 2
Mendenhall River River Yukon 60.75°N 136.04°W 6
Moose Creek River Yukon 60.81°N 136.93°W 3
Moraine Lake Lake Yukon 60.95°N 136.75°W 2
Motherall Creek River Yukon 60.21°N 136.98°W 2
Mount Archibald Mountain Yukon 60.78°N 137.87°W 2
Mount Barker Mountain Yukon 60.39°N 137.21°W 2
Mount Beaton Mountain Yukon 60.01°N 137.04°W 3
Mount Bratnober Mountain Yukon 60.74°N 136.66°W 2
Mount Coudert Mountain Yukon 60.53°N 136.05°W 3
Mount Decoeli Mountain Yukon 60.84°N 137.88°W 2
Mount Kelvin Mountain Yukon 60.67°N 136.54°W 3
Mount Martha Black Mountain Yukon 60.67°N 137.62°W 2
Mount Nevin Mountain Yukon 60.00°N 136.17°W 2
Mount Porsild Mountain Yukon 60.08°N 136.01°W 2
Mount Vanier Mountain Yukon 60.62°N 136.04°W 2
Mount Worthington Mountain Yukon 60.58°N 137.38°W 2
Munntiger Lake Lake Yukon 60.99°N 136.65°W 2
Mush Creek River Yukon 60.30°N 137.49°W 3
Mush Lake Lake Yukon 60.30°N 137.44°W 3
Nayton Creek River Yukon 60.79°N 137.32°W 3
Nesketaheen Lake Lake Yukon 60.18°N 137.07°W 2
Nesketahin Unincorporated area Yukon 60.13°N 137.06°W 2
Nesketahin Lake Lake Yukon 60.18°N 137.07°W 2
No Sheep Creek River Yukon 60.98°N 137.25°W 2
Nordenskiold River River Yukon 62.10°N 136.30°W 18
Onion Creek River Yukon 60.10°N 137.39°W 2
Onion Lake Lake Yukon 60.10°N 137.42°W 2
Paint Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.87°N 137.44°W 2
Park Creek River Yukon 60.61°N 137.83°W 2
Pass Creek River Yukon 60.15°N 136.81°W 2
Pine Creek River Yukon 60.76°N 137.60°W 2
Pine Lake Lake Yukon 60.82°N 137.44°W 2
Pirate Creek River Yukon 60.06°N 137.14°W 3
Plug Creek River Yukon 60.03°N 137.92°W 4
Pond Creek River Yukon 60.75°N 136.25°W 3
Porsild Creek River Yukon 60.12°N 136.10°W 2
Primrose River River Yukon 60.47°N 136.10°W 5
Pringle Lake Lake Yukon 60.13°N 136.97°W 2
Profile Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.63°N 137.92°W 2
Quamie Lake Lake Yukon 60.98°N 136.86°W 2
Quill Creek River Yukon 60.71°N 137.26°W 3
Raft Creek River Yukon 60.55°N 137.81°W 2
Rainbow Lake Lake Yukon 60.65°N 137.25°W 2
Red Squirrel Creek River Yukon 60.61°N 136.70°W 2
Ruby Range Mountain Yukon 61.42°N 138.25°W 16
Sandpiper Creek River Yukon 60.47°N 136.10°W 2
Secret Lakes Lake Yukon 60.32°N 137.14°W 2
Serpentine Creek River Yukon 60.71°N 137.74°W 2
Seven Mile Creek River Yukon 60.95°N 137.04°W 3
Shaft Creek River Yukon 60.30°N 137.56°W 2
Shakwak Trench Valley Yukon 61.25°N 138.67°W 32
Shakwak Valley Valley Yukon 61.25°N 138.67°W 27
Shaneinbaw Lake Lake Yukon 60.90°N 136.55°W 2
Shaneinbaw Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.95°N 136.65°W 2
Shorty Creek River Yukon 60.41°N 137.17°W 2
Shurr Lake Lake Yukon 60.94°N 137.33°W 2
Shurr Lakes Lake Yukon 60.94°N 137.33°W 2
Shursho Creek River Yukon 60.09°N 137.36°W 2
Shursho Lake Lake Yukon 60.06°N 137.40°W 2
Sickle Creek River Yukon 60.26°N 137.27°W 2
Sifton Mountains Mountain Yukon 60.93°N 136.17°W 10
Sifton Range Mountain Yukon 60.93°N 136.17°W 10
Silver Creek River Yukon 60.03°N 137.19°W 2
Silver Lake Lake Yukon 60.14°N 137.37°W 2
Six Mile Lake Lake Yukon 60.55°N 136.78°W 2
Sixmile Lake Lake Yukon 60.55°N 136.78°W 2
Sockeye Lake Lake Yukon 60.50°N 137.62°W 3
South Lowell Glacier Glacier Yukon 60.30°N 138.25°W 7
Squaw Creek River Yukon 60.03°N 137.16°W 3
Squaw Range Mountain Yukon 60.03°N 137.00°W 3
St. Elias Lake Lake Yukon 60.32°N 137.12°W 2
St. Elias Mountains Mountain Yukon 60.55°N 139.47°W 55
Stella Lake Lake Yukon 60.17°N 136.99°W 2
Stony Creek River Yukon 60.78°N 135.97°W 4
Sugden Creek River Yukon 60.67°N 137.92°W 2
Sulphur Lake Lake Yukon 60.95°N 137.96°W 2
Summit Creek River Yukon 60.76°N 137.67°W 2
Super Cub Creek River Yukon 60.03°N 137.96°W 4
Takhanne River River Yukon 60.10°N 136.99°W 2
Takhini River River Yukon 60.84°N 135.18°W 8
Tatshenshini River River Yukon 60.00°N 137.21°W 3
Taye Lake Lake Yukon 60.93°N 136.35°W 2
Trout Lake Lake Yukon 60.52°N 137.70°W 2
Undie Creek River Yukon 60.58°N 136.72°W 2
Van Bibber Creek River Yukon 60.80°N 136.83°W 3
Vand Creek River Yukon 60.22°N 136.96°W 2
Victoria Creek River Yukon 60.52°N 137.44°W 3
Village Creek River Yukon 60.13°N 137.08°W 2
Virgin Creek River Yukon 60.41°N 137.44°W 2
Wade Lakes Lake Yukon 60.08°N 137.19°W 2
Wagga Creek River Yukon 60.88°N 137.04°W 3
Wesketahin Unincorporated area Yukon 60.13°N 137.06°W 2
Whitestone River River Yukon 60.03°N 137.19°W 2
Wigwam Creek River Yukon 60.02°N 136.89°W 3
Wolverine Creek River Yukon 60.19°N 137.65°W 5
Yukon Plateau Plain Yukon 62.25°N 137.25°W 353
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