Feature and Place Names shown on 'Tay River (NTS 105K)'

The following 87 feature and place names appear on the map 'Tay River (NTS 105K)'. Click the link in the Name column to view the list of maps that show the corresponding place or feature.

Name Type Region Coordinates # Maps
Anvil Creek River Yukon 62.45°N 134.13°W 5
Anvil Lake Lake Yukon 62.57°N 133.63°W 2
Anvil Mountains Mountain Yukon 62.33°N 133.00°W 8
Anvil Range Mountain Yukon 62.33°N 133.00°W 16
Barwell Lake Lake Yukon 62.65°N 133.09°W 2
Bede Luge' Lake Lake Yukon 62.22°N 132.77°W 2
Blind Creek River Yukon 62.18°N 133.21°W 4
Blind Lakes Lake Yukon 62.29°N 132.47°W 3
Buttle Creek River Yukon 62.19°N 133.29°W 3
Chechera Mountain Mountain Yukon 62.30°N 131.93°W 6
Clearwater Creek River Yukon 63.05°N 132.28°W 4
Connolly Lake Lake Yukon 62.53°N 132.16°W 2
Coward Creek River Yukon 62.65°N 134.07°W 4
Danger Creek River Yukon 62.03°N 132.65°W 4
Du Ese Lake Lake Yukon 62.33°N 132.23°W 2
Dzeh Tsedle Zoze Mountain Mountain Yukon 62.27°N 132.57°W 2
Dzel Jede' Mountain Yukon 62.47°N 133.12°W 2
Dzel Jede' Mountain Yukon 62.47°N 133.13°W 2
E-Topo: Northern Canada and Alaska Collection Nunavut 72.00°N 117.00°W 64
E-Topo: Southern Yukon Collection Yukon 61.50°N 132.00°W 463
Earn Hills Mountain Yukon 62.75°N 134.00°W 6
Earn River River Yukon 62.73°N 134.70°W 7
Excell Creek River Yukon 62.14°N 132.98°W 2
Eyan Lue' Lake Lake Yukon 62.12°N 132.02°W 2
False Canyon Valley Yukon 62.03°N 132.07°W 2
Faro Town Yukon 62.23°N 133.33°W 2
Faro Peak Mountain Yukon 62.30°N 133.52°W 2
Finger Lake Lake Yukon 62.22°N 133.00°W 2
Glenlyon Mountains Mountain Yukon 62.42°N 134.33°W 10
Glenlyon Range Mountain Yukon 62.42°N 134.33°W 11
Glenlyon River River Yukon 62.48°N 134.17°W 4
Grew Creek River Yukon 62.09°N 132.86°W 4
Hess Mountains Mountain Yukon 63.50°N 131.50°W 40
K'esk'ale Mountain Mountain Yukon 62.42°N 133.45°W 3
Laforce Lake Lake Yukon 62.68°N 132.32°W 2
Lapie River River Yukon 62.03°N 132.60°W 6
Macmillan River River Yukon 62.87°N 135.90°W 12
Magundy River River Yukon 62.18°N 134.35°W 7
Marjorie Lake Lake Yukon 62.11°N 131.97°W 4
Menzie Creek River Yukon 62.75°N 134.53°W 5
Menzie Mountain Mountain Yukon 62.73°N 133.92°W 2
Mesga T'oh Hill Mountain Yukon 62.02°N 132.29°W 4
Moose Lake Lake Yukon 62.19°N 132.88°W 2
Mount Aho Mountain Yukon 62.42°N 133.43°W 2
Mount Atherton Mountain Yukon 62.03°N 133.89°W 2
Mount Connolly Mountain Yukon 62.53°N 132.35°W 3
Mount Gillis Mountain Yukon 62.84°N 133.35°W 2
Mount Kulan Mountain Yukon 62.28°N 132.63°W 2
Mount Menzie Mountain Yukon 62.73°N 133.92°W 2
Mount Mye Mountain Yukon 62.31°N 133.10°W 3
Mount Negha Tsi' Mountain Yukon 62.55°N 133.83°W 3
Mount Osgoode Mountain Yukon 63.01°N 132.46°W 5
Mount Selous Mountain Yukon 62.97°N 132.50°W 3
Mye Mountain Mountain Yukon 62.31°N 133.10°W 2
Old Danger Creek River Yukon 62.03°N 132.65°W 4
Olgie Lake Lake Yukon 62.11°N 132.48°W 2
Orchay Lakes Lake Yukon 62.13°N 132.71°W 2
Orchay River River Yukon 62.11°N 132.91°W 3
Pelly Mountains Mountain Yukon 61.67°N 132.50°W 81
Pelly River River Yukon 62.78°N 137.33°W 34
Riddell River River Yukon 62.84°N 132.42°W 5
Rose Creek River Yukon 62.42°N 133.68°W 3
Rose Mountain Mountain Yukon 62.36°N 133.62°W 2
Ross River River Yukon 61.98°N 132.42°W 16
Selwyn Mountains Mountain Yukon 63.00°N 130.00°W 102
South Fork Range Mountain Yukon 62.80°N 132.80°W 7
South Macmillan River River Yukon 63.05°N 133.30°W 13
St. Cyr Range Mountain Yukon 61.50°N 132.00°W 25
Stokes Lake Lake Yukon 62.86°N 133.78°W 2
Swim Lake Lake Yukon 62.19°N 132.88°W 2
Swim Lakes Lake Yukon 62.19°N 132.88°W 2
Tages Luge Lake Lake Yukon 62.15°N 132.33°W 2
Tay Lake Lake Yukon 62.38°N 132.05°W 4
Tay River River Yukon 62.57°N 134.37°W 10
Teddy Creek River Yukon 62.63°N 132.83°W 3
Teddy Lake Lake Yukon 62.64°N 132.40°W 2
Tele Lake Lake Yukon 62.42°N 132.52°W 2
Tenas Creek River Yukon 62.04°N 132.34°W 2
Thomas Creek River Yukon 61.88°N 133.77°W 4
Tintina Trench Valley Yukon 63.42°N 137.00°W 53
Tse Zul Mountain Mountain Yukon 62.30°N 133.10°W 2
Twopete Creek River Yukon 62.68°N 133.87°W 2
Twopete Mountain Mountain Yukon 62.69°N 133.69°W 2
Van Gorder Creek River Yukon 62.22°N 133.37°W 3
Vangorda Creek River Yukon 62.22°N 133.37°W 3
Wilkinson Range Mountain Yukon 62.87°N 134.17°W 9
Yukon Plateau Plain Yukon 62.25°N 137.25°W 353
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