Feature and Place Names shown on 'Teslin (NTS 105C)'

The following 168 feature and place names appear on the map 'Teslin (NTS 105C)'. Click the link in the Name column to view the list of maps that show the corresponding place or feature.

Name Type Region Coordinates # Maps
Atagwex'i Ayi Lake Yukon 60.32°N 132.55°W 2
Atlin Lake Lake Yukon 60.00°N 133.82°W 2
Augusta Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.76°N 134.00°W 4
Ax'aka River feature Yukon 60.16°N 132.71°W 2
Beaver Lake Lake Yukon 60.59°N 133.36°W 2
Big Salmon Mountains Mountain Yukon 61.17°N 133.75°W 28
Big Salmon Range Mountain Yukon 61.17°N 133.75°W 32
Boswell River River Yukon 61.05°N 134.22°W 7
Brewer Lake Lake Yukon 60.68°N 133.46°W 2
Brooks Brook River Yukon 60.42°N 133.20°W 2
Brooks Brook Unincorporated area Yukon 60.42°N 133.20°W 2
Bryde Lake Lake Yukon 60.06°N 133.20°W 3
Cabin Lake Lake Yukon 60.44°N 133.93°W 2
Canyon Creek River Yukon 60.22°N 132.13°W 3
Caribou Creek River Yukon 60.31°N 132.28°W 3
Ch'ak' Kudi Kuta Bay Yukon 60.17°N 132.53°W 2
Chukansha Mountain Yukon 60.21°N 132.79°W 2
Colwell Bay Bay Yukon 60.23°N 132.53°W 3
Cone Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.68°N 133.40°W 2
Cottonwood Creek River Yukon 60.92°N 132.82°W 3
Dalayee Lake Lake Yukon 60.33°N 133.64°W 2
Dave Creek River Yukon 60.69°N 133.64°W 3
Deadman Creek River Yukon 60.34°N 133.06°W 3
Deadmans Creek River Yukon 60.34°N 133.06°W 3
Duk Hini River Yukon 60.92°N 132.82°W 3
E-Topo: Northern Canada and Alaska Collection Nunavut 72.00°N 117.00°W 64
E-Topo: Southern Yukon Collection Yukon 61.50°N 132.00°W 463
Eagle Bay Bay Yukon 60.17°N 132.53°W 3
English Creek River Yukon 60.39°N 132.21°W 2
Englishmans Range Mountain Yukon 60.42°N 132.02°W 8
Evelyn Creek River Yukon 60.79°N 133.05°W 3
Fat Creek River Yukon 60.18°N 132.91°W 2
Fat Lake Lake Yukon 60.17°N 132.92°W 2
Fish Lake Lake Yukon 60.62°N 132.06°W 2
Flat Creek River Yukon 60.87°N 133.40°W 2
Four Mile Lake Lake British Columbia 59.98°N 132.27°W 4
Fox Creek River Yukon 60.18°N 132.80°W 2
Fox Lake Lake Yukon 60.60°N 133.95°W 2
Fox Point Cape Yukon 60.18°N 132.80°W 2
Goode Creek River Yukon 60.54°N 133.87°W 2
Granite Creek River Yukon 61.01°N 133.07°W 4
Grayling Lake Lake Yukon 60.79°N 133.20°W 2
Grouse Creek River Yukon 60.05°N 132.86°W 4
Gunsight Lake Lake Yukon 60.66°N 133.44°W 2
Haircut Lake Lake Yukon 60.52°N 133.21°W 2
Hall Creek River Yukon 60.50°N 133.69°W 2
Happy Valley Valley Yukon 60.02°N 133.52°W 4
Hassell Lake Lake Yukon 60.17°N 132.13°W 2
Haunka Creek River Yukon 60.23°N 133.90°W 3
Hawdt Lake Lake Yukon 60.11°N 133.59°W 2
Hayes Peak Mountain Yukon 60.40°N 133.31°W 2
Hays Creek River Yukon 60.09°N 132.42°W 2
Hendersons Creek River Yukon 61.00°N 132.78°W 5
Henry Island Island Yukon 60.61°N 133.52°W 2
High Creek River Yukon 60.03°N 133.81°W 2
Hundred Mile Creek River Yukon 60.73°N 133.69°W 3
Hundred Mile Landing Unincorporated area Yukon 60.72°N 133.67°W 2
Ike Brook River Yukon 60.57°N 133.90°W 2
Iron Creek River Yukon 60.85°N 133.32°W 3
Jackfish Lake Lake Yukon 60.54°N 133.83°W 2
Jakes Corner Unincorporated area Yukon 60.34°N 133.97°W 2
Johns Creek River Yukon 60.40°N 133.54°W 2
Johns Creek River Yukon 60.39°N 133.54°W 5
Johnsons Crossing Unincorporated area Yukon 60.49°N 133.30°W 2
Judas Creek River Yukon 60.42°N 134.24°W 4
Kiijin Hit Miscellaneous Yukon 60.77°N 132.95°W 2
Laidlaw Lake Lake Yukon 60.00°N 133.27°W 3
Little Atlin Creek River Yukon 60.30°N 134.02°W 4
Little Atlin Lake Lake Yukon 60.25°N 133.96°W 5
Little Squanga Lake Lake Yukon 60.51°N 133.79°W 2
Little Teslin Lake Lake Yukon 60.48°N 133.41°W 2
Little Teslin Lake Unincorporated area Yukon 60.48°N 133.47°W 2
Lone Tree Creek River Yukon 60.28°N 132.97°W 2
Lubbock River River Yukon 60.03°N 133.82°W 2
Mary Lake Lake Yukon 60.67°N 133.98°W 4
Mary River River Yukon 60.85°N 133.92°W 3
McCleary Creek River Yukon 60.05°N 132.86°W 4
McClintock Lake Lake Yukon 60.59°N 133.92°W 2
Meadow Creek River Yukon 60.51°N 133.35°W 2
Michie Creek River Yukon 60.67°N 134.47°W 4
Moose Brook River Yukon 60.21°N 133.99°W 4
Morley Bay Bay Yukon 60.10°N 132.53°W 3
Morley Lake Lake Yukon 60.00°N 132.09°W 2
Morley River River Yukon 60.10°N 132.48°W 5
Morley River Unincorporated area Yukon 60.01°N 132.17°W 2
Mount Bryde Mountain Yukon 60.11°N 133.18°W 3
Mount Grant Mountain Yukon 60.73°N 133.34°W 2
Mount McCleery Mountain Yukon 60.32°N 132.03°W 2
Mount Morley Mountain Yukon 60.09°N 132.21°W 2
Mount Murphy Mountain Yukon 61.00°N 133.58°W 4
Mount White Mountain Yukon 60.31°N 133.95°W 2
Murphy Creek River Yukon 60.78°N 133.02°W 4
Muskrat Creek River Yukon 60.54°N 133.41°W 2
Muskrat Lake Lake Yukon 60.59°N 133.20°W 2
Nagas'e X'ayi Cape Yukon 60.18°N 132.80°W 2
Nalasin River River Yukon 60.23°N 132.57°W 13
Narrows Lake Lake Yukon 60.01°N 132.64°W 2
Naystayo Lake Lake Yukon 60.08°N 133.37°W 3
Nisutlin 14 Indian Reserve Yukon 60.22°N 132.57°W 2
Nisutlin Bay Bay Yukon 60.21°N 132.57°W 2
Nisutlin Bay Inlet Channel Yukon 60.18°N 132.66°W 2
Nokudsay Lake Lake Yukon 60.13°N 133.60°W 2
North River River Yukon 60.18°N 132.91°W 2
Nuska Lake Lake Yukon 60.10°N 133.38°W 3
Packard Point Cape Yukon 60.97°N 133.06°W 2
Pelly Mountains Mountain Yukon 61.67°N 132.50°W 81
Pike Lake Lake Yukon 60.13°N 133.36°W 3
Quiet Lake Lake Yukon 61.08°N 133.08°W 4
Red Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.98°N 133.75°W 4
Red Mountain Creek River Yukon 61.02°N 133.70°W 4
Red River River Yukon 60.73°N 132.12°W 6
Red River Lake Lake Yukon 61.01°N 132.35°W 4
Rosy Lake Lake Yukon 60.89°N 133.86°W 2
S'igedi Hini River Yukon 60.05°N 132.60°W 2
Sawtooth Range Mountain Yukon 60.97°N 133.83°W 8
Seaforth Creek River Yukon 60.40°N 133.54°W 2
Seaforth Lake Lake Yukon 60.40°N 133.54°W 2
Shal X'a.iti Miscellaneous Yukon 60.52°N 133.35°W 2
Sidney Creek River Yukon 60.77°N 132.95°W 4
Sidney Lake Lake Yukon 60.81°N 133.03°W 2
Slate Creek River Yukon 61.03°N 133.80°W 4
Slate Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.98°N 133.75°W 4
Snafu Creek River Yukon 60.14°N 133.87°W 4
Snafu Lake Lake Yukon 60.18°N 133.44°W 3
Snake Lake Lake Yukon 60.55°N 133.88°W 2
Spawn Lake Lake Yukon 60.05°N 133.42°W 3
Squan Lake Lake Yukon 60.38°N 133.77°W 2
Squanga Creek River Yukon 60.54°N 133.43°W 4
Squanga Lake Lake Yukon 60.48°N 133.64°W 2
Sterlin Creek River Yukon 60.18°N 132.91°W 4
Sterlin Lake Lake Yukon 60.14°N 133.17°W 3
Stony Creek River Yukon 60.23°N 133.90°W 3
Strawberry Creek River Yukon 60.07°N 132.34°W 2
Strawberry Lake Lake Yukon 60.11°N 132.19°W 2
Streak Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.58°N 133.65°W 2
Summit Lake Lake Yukon 60.43°N 133.66°W 2
Surprise Lake Lake Yukon 60.54°N 133.34°W 2
Swift Lake Lake Yukon 60.87°N 133.80°W 2
Swift River River Yukon 60.81°N 133.85°W 2
Tarfu Creek River Yukon 60.10°N 133.88°W 4
Tarfu Lake Lake Yukon 60.06°N 133.72°W 2
Tasleyi Hini Creek River Yukon 60.55°N 132.69°W 3
Tasleyi K'idze Lake River Yukon 60.81°N 132.50°W 3
Tawe Shak'u Mountain Yukon 60.66°N 132.39°W 2
Teenah Creek River Yukon 60.39°N 133.54°W 5
Teenah Lake Lake Yukon 60.30°N 133.42°W 2
Ten Mile Creek River Yukon 60.23°N 132.91°W 3
Ten Mile Point Cape Yukon 60.23°N 132.92°W 2
Tenmile Creek River Yukon 60.23°N 132.91°W 3
Teslin Village Yukon 60.17°N 132.72°W 2
Teslin Lake Lake Yukon 60.25°N 132.97°W 5
Teslin Lake Unincorporated area Yukon 60.23°N 132.91°W 2
Teslin Post 13 Indian Reserve Yukon 60.17°N 132.67°W 2
Teslin River River Yukon 61.57°N 134.90°W 15
Teslin River Unincorporated area Yukon 60.48°N 133.31°W 2
Thirtymile Range Mountain Yukon 60.65°N 132.37°W 3
Tlex' A X'ayi Cape Yukon 60.28°N 132.98°W 2
Trout Creek River Yukon 60.85°N 132.11°W 4
Twin Creek River Yukon 60.86°N 133.37°W 2
Upper Morley Lake Lake Yukon 60.00°N 132.09°W 2
Wilson Creek River Yukon 60.61°N 133.50°W 2
Wolf Lake Lake Yukon 60.40°N 133.70°W 2
Wolf River River Yukon 60.28°N 132.55°W 6
Wolverine Creek River Yukon 60.17°N 133.91°W 4
Xat Kuxx At Ye Miscellaneous Yukon 60.98°N 132.75°W 2
Xay Gun Mountain Yukon 60.48°N 132.83°W 5
Xuts Uwalaxu Ye Miscellaneous Yukon 60.34°N 132.55°W 2
Yukon Plateau Plain Yukon 62.25°N 137.25°W 353
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