Feature and Place Names shown on 'Wolf Lake (NTS 105B)'

The following 132 feature and place names appear on the map 'Wolf Lake (NTS 105B)'. Click the link in the Name column to view the list of maps that show the corresponding place or feature.

Name Type Region Coordinates # Maps
Alan Creek River Yukon 60.07°N 130.52°W 2
Allan Creek River Yukon 60.50°N 129.75°W 5
Allen Creek River Yukon 60.50°N 129.75°W 5
Almost Lake Lake Yukon 60.42°N 131.06°W 2
AMP Creek River Yukon 60.05°N 131.72°W 2
Andrew Creek River Yukon 60.07°N 130.97°W 3
Beaver Creek River Yukon 60.32°N 130.47°W 4
Betty Creek River Yukon 60.75°N 130.43°W 3
Black Lake Lake Yukon 61.00°N 130.30°W 4
Black River River Yukon 60.73°N 130.14°W 6
Borden Creek River Yukon 60.27°N 131.84°W 2
Bottle Creek River Yukon 60.32°N 131.78°W 2
Boulder Creek River Yukon 60.09°N 130.39°W 3
Boulder Creek River Yukon 60.78°N 130.75°W 4
Cabin Creek River Yukon 60.74°N 130.27°W 4
Cabin Lake Lake Yukon 60.13°N 131.70°W 2
Campbell Range Mountain Yukon 61.25°N 129.75°W 14
Canyon Creek River Yukon 60.09°N 130.66°W 2
Caribou Creek River Yukon 60.93°N 131.49°W 3
Caribou Lake Lake Yukon 60.39°N 130.73°W 2
Caribou Lakes Lake Yukon 60.82°N 131.62°W 2
Carlick Creek River Yukon 60.07°N 130.84°W 2
Cassiar Mountains Mountain Yukon 60.25°N 131.00°W 19
Crescent Lake Lake Yukon 60.19°N 131.23°W 2
Daughney Lake Lake Yukon 60.16°N 130.91°W 2
Dome Creek River Yukon 60.92°N 130.69°W 2
Dorsey Lake Lake Yukon 60.16°N 131.58°W 2
Dorsey Range Mountain Yukon 60.12°N 131.50°W 5
E-Topo: Northern Canada and Alaska Collection Nunavut 72.00°N 117.00°W 64
E-Topo: Southern Yukon Collection Yukon 61.50°N 132.00°W 463
Eagle Nest Creek River Yukon 60.58°N 131.70°W 2
East Blank Creek River Yukon 60.40°N 130.81°W 2
Eckman Creek River Yukon 60.74°N 130.16°W 3
Edgar Lake Lake Yukon 60.31°N 130.75°W 2
Englishmans Range Mountain Yukon 60.42°N 132.02°W 8
False Pass Creek River Yukon 60.34°N 129.49°W 6
Field Island Island Yukon 60.63°N 131.66°W 2
Ford Lake Lake Yukon 60.77°N 131.45°W 2
Freer Creek River Yukon 60.06°N 130.51°W 3
Goat Creek River Yukon 60.16°N 130.90°W 2
Goat Lake Lake Yukon 60.18°N 130.73°W 2
Goddart Creek River Yukon 60.17°N 131.31°W 2
Gravel Creek River Yukon 60.78°N 130.75°W 4
Hake Creek River Yukon 60.30°N 131.82°W 2
Hazel Creek River Yukon 60.00°N 131.90°W 2
Hazel Ridge Mountain Yukon 60.07°N 131.85°W 2
Hidden Lake Lake Yukon 60.23°N 131.30°W 2
Ice Lake Creek River Yukon 60.33°N 131.53°W 3
Ice Lakes Lake Yukon 60.41°N 131.34°W 2
Ice Lakes Creek River Yukon 60.33°N 131.53°W 3
Irvine Creek River Yukon 60.59°N 131.60°W 4
Irvine Lake Lake Yukon 60.58°N 131.21°W 2
Junker Creek River Yukon 60.98°N 131.30°W 4
Junkers Creek River Yukon 60.98°N 131.30°W 4
Kartuhini Creek River Yukon 60.45°N 131.70°W 2
Leaf Lake Lake Yukon 60.70°N 131.89°W 2
Liard River River Yukon 60.00°N 128.59°W 16
Little Moose River River Yukon 60.34°N 129.82°W 5
Little Scurvy Creek River Yukon 60.82°N 130.58°W 2
Logjam Creek River Yukon 60.00°N 131.51°W 2
Lookout Hill Mountain Yukon 60.70°N 130.18°W 2
Marker Lake Lake Yukon 60.51°N 130.99°W 2
May Lake Lake Yukon 60.67°N 131.61°W 2
McNaughton River River Yukon 60.00°N 131.19°W 3
Meister Lake Lake Yukon 60.33°N 130.38°W 2
Meister River River Yukon 60.32°N 129.47°W 8
Miller Bay Bay Yukon 60.59°N 131.60°W 2
Monson Lake Lake Yukon 60.17°N 131.32°W 2
Moore Creek River Yukon 60.08°N 130.74°W 2
Morley Lake Lake Yukon 60.45°N 131.66°W 2
Morley River River Yukon 60.10°N 132.48°W 5
Morris Lake Lake Yukon 60.45°N 131.66°W 2
Munson Creek River Yukon 60.17°N 131.32°W 2
Munson Lake Lake Yukon 60.17°N 131.32°W 2
Northwind Lake Lake Yukon 60.29°N 130.88°W 2
Northwind Lakes Lake Yukon 60.29°N 130.88°W 2
Oake Creek River Yukon 60.35°N 130.58°W 2
Old Gold Creek River Yukon 60.96°N 130.77°W 4
Partridge Creek River Yukon 60.00°N 131.31°W 2
Pass Creek River Yukon 60.00°N 131.42°W 2
Pelly Mountains Mountain Yukon 61.67°N 132.50°W 81
Peters Lake Lake Yukon 60.60°N 131.72°W 2
Pine Lake Lake Yukon 60.12°N 130.92°W 2
Plate Creek River Yukon 60.04°N 131.00°W 3
Plateau Lake Lake Yukon 60.48°N 131.19°W 2
Porcupine Creek River Yukon 60.78°N 129.91°W 4
Porcupine Creek River Yukon 60.07°N 130.83°W 2
Porcupine River River Yukon 60.78°N 129.91°W 4
Quartz Creek River Yukon 60.85°N 130.58°W 5
Rain Fish Creek River Yukon 60.56°N 131.64°W 2
Rainbow Creek River Yukon 60.92°N 130.69°W 2
Ram Creek River Yukon 60.35°N 131.65°W 4
Rancheria Unincorporated area Yukon 60.09°N 130.60°W 2
Rancheria Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.15°N 130.01°W 2
Rancheria River River Yukon 60.22°N 129.14°W 8
Red Creek River Yukon 60.75°N 131.66°W 2
Roy Lake Lake Yukon 60.29°N 130.78°W 2
Rudy Lakes Lake Yukon 60.22°N 131.20°W 2
Sab Lake Lake Yukon 60.41°N 130.84°W 2
Sayyea Creek River Yukon 60.75°N 130.35°W 4
Screw Creek River Yukon 60.00°N 131.42°W 2
Scurvy Creek River Yukon 60.82°N 130.54°W 3
Scurvy Lakes Lake Yukon 60.89°N 131.22°W 2
Seagull Creek River Yukon 60.00°N 131.18°W 2
Shilsky Lake Lake Yukon 60.12°N 130.62°W 2
Shootamook Creek River Yukon 60.81°N 131.00°W 3
Simpson Mountains Mountain Yukon 60.88°N 129.92°W 10
Simpson Range Mountain Yukon 60.88°N 129.92°W 14
Slim Lake Lake Yukon 60.38°N 131.65°W 2
Smart River River Yukon 60.00°N 131.75°W 3
Spencer Creek River Yukon 60.14°N 130.22°W 3
Sphinx Mountain Mountain Yukon 60.11°N 130.37°W 2
Stoneaxe Lake Lake Yukon 60.75°N 130.93°W 3
Swede Creek River Yukon 60.98°N 131.30°W 2
Swift River River Yukon 60.00°N 131.19°W 3
Swift River Unincorporated area Yukon 60.00°N 131.19°W 2
Swifthorn Mountain Yukon 60.01°N 131.26°W 2
Tootsee Ridge Mountain Yukon 60.02°N 130.55°W 2
Tootsee River River Yukon 60.11°N 130.30°W 2
Trout Creek River Yukon 60.85°N 132.11°W 4
Trout Creek River Yukon 60.58°N 131.60°W 2
Trout Lake Lake Yukon 60.56°N 131.50°W 3
Twin Lake Valley Valley Yukon 60.64°N 130.09°W 2
Two Ladder Creek River Yukon 60.02°N 131.74°W 2
Veronica Lake Lake Yukon 60.09°N 130.40°W 2
Wasson Lake Lake Yukon 60.86°N 130.44°W 2
West Blank Creek River Yukon 60.41°N 130.89°W 2
West Logjam Creek River Yukon 60.00°N 131.58°W 2
Wolf Lake Lake Yukon 60.66°N 131.68°W 2
Wolf River River Yukon 60.28°N 132.55°W 6
Wolverine Lake Lake Yukon 60.55°N 131.72°W 2
Yukon Plateau Plain Yukon 62.25°N 137.25°W 353
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