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Land of the Midnight Sun: A History of the Yukon
by Coates, Ken S. & Morrison, William R.

Land of the Midnight Sun: A History of the Yukon 
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  Sudden miracles, quick turns of fortune and deeds of endurance, courage, and mind-numbing folly have characterized most of the less-celebrated periods of the Yukon's past. Ken Coates and William Morrison have managed to salvage most of the story. Land Of The Midnight Sun provides what every homeland requires: a sense of continuity and warnings and encouragement from the past.
The Globe and Mail

Fortunately, we now have the first excellent history of the Yukon - a balanced work that is a model of scholarly precision and popular presentation. No important theme escapes the authors' razor-shape analysis.
The Calgary Herald

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Author:Coates, Ken S. & Morrison, William R.
Publisher:McGill - Queen's University Press
Publication Date:3/2005
Pages:362 pp
Size/Dimensions:9 x 6 x 1 inches

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