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Staying Safe in Bear Country (DVD format)

Staying Safe in Bear Country (DVD format) 
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  "Staying Safe in Bear Country" is the main 50-minute DVD that is a stand-alone educational tool for anyone living, traveling, or working in bear country.
The primary DVD in the Safety in Bear Country DVD series. A major educational tool for anyone living, traveling, or working in black and grizzly bear country in North America. It includes the consensus opinion of leading experts on bear behavior and its relevance to human safety. Viewers will develop a better understanding of bear behavior and how this knowledge can help them to minimize the chance of bear encounters and bear attacks. The DVD stresses that a much greater degree of co-existence with bears is possible if people understand and apply a few safety principles.

Biologist John Hechtel has over 25 years of hands-on experience with both black and grizzly bears. John uses his understanding of bears to educate people on issues regarding bear and human conflicts, human safety and bear conservation.
“The best way to minimize conflicts with bears is by practicing prevention. Though bears are forgiving of almost all human behavior by following some simple rules you can reduce your chances of encountering a bear, and just as important, of attracting one. But despite the best precautions, you still may occasionally meet a bear. Bears often display many of the same types of behaviors toward humans that they use with each other, therefore, the safest way to reduce risk during an encounter is to have knowledge and understanding of their behavior and motivation. You should be able to anticipate the most common situations where you might encounter bears and it’s a good idea to mentally practice how you should respond. This knowledge and preparation can empower you to act appropriately around bears and avoid an attack. You have control over most of the important factors that determine your safety. Safety is no accident. It’s your responsibility.” John Hechtel

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