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History Hunting in the Yukon
by Michael Gates

History Hunting in the Yukon 
Front Cover

  A Yukon historian delves into the area’s exciting past to bring old stories to life.

Conspiracies to overthrow the Yukon; terrorism in the Klondike;a bigamist Klondike Casanova; gunfights and how the Mounties got their man; Robert Service’s secret love life; the Canadian who fooled Alaskans into making him governor; floods, famine and things found frozen from the past. The Yukon has them all—and more!

History Hunting in the Yukon reveals fascinating accounts from Canada’s northern territory such as the true story behind the legendary gunfighter Jack Dalton, a tough and menacing figure who stole his famed trail from the Tlingit of Alaska. Or the pioneer woman, Frances Muncaster, a slim beauty who mined for gold on Squaw Creek, and was as comfortable in elegant evening gowns as she was in rugged prospecting gear and snowshoes at forty below.

Dipping into his personal experiences and a 40-year love affair with Yukon history, author Michael Gates takes us on a journey to some of the places, people and events that make the Yukon eternally captivating. Discover the colourful stories and deeper legacy of human history that has occurred upon this remote and expansive territory.

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Author:Michael Gates
Publisher:Harbour Publishing
Publication Date:2/2010
Pages:256 pp
Size/Dimensions:6 x 9 inches


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