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Heart of the Cariboo-Chilcotin: Stories Worth Keeping
by edited by Diana Wilson

Heart of the Cariboo-Chilcotin:  Stories Worth Keeping 
Front Cover

  Heart of the Cariboo-Chilcotin features stories about the clashes between people and nature, genders and generations, Whites and Natives, lawbreakers and the law, conquerors and conservationists. First in a series, this anthology of diverse voices tells the story of the Cariboo-Chilcotin, a harshly beautiful and remote region in B.C.'s north. The stories cover a wide range of topics, including Native life on the cusp of change and how that change is handled; gold miners seeking adventure but finding heartache and occasionally riches; travellers on the famous Cariboo Road; and the first tourist to the area.

The authors speak of differences, but also of common ground, of places where the voices harmonize with shared concerns, dreams and goals that cross all boundaries in the timeless human striving to explore and create, and to build a place to call home. This collection of voices sings to the beat of the one true Cariboo-Chilcotin heart, sounding out its strength and humility, grit and humour, community and self-sacrifice.

Contributors are Sage Birchwater, Veera Bonner, W.B. Cheadle and Viscount Milton, Chilco Choate, Eric Collier, Diana French, Alan Fry, Terry Glavin, Rich Hobson, D.A. Holley, Agnes Laut, Todd Lee, F.W. Lindsay, Olive Spencer Loggins, Harry Marriott, Robin Skelton, Jean E. Speare, Paul St. Pierre, Irene Stangoe, and Bill Riley and Laura Leake. Also featured are new stories by Eldon Lee and Hilary Place.

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Author:edited by Diana Wilson
Publisher:Heritage House
Surrey, BC
Publication Date:4/2006
Pages:240 pp
Size/Dimensions:6 x 9



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