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The Klondike Quest: A Photographic Essay 1897-1899
by Pierre Berton

The Klondike Quest:  A Photographic Essay 1897-1899 
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  The most photographed event in North America during the 19th century.

More than 10,000 images reside in public archives and private collections, depicting every aspect of what popular historian Pierre Berton has called "one of the strangest mass movements in history." For this book, Berton selected 200 photographs, some iconic, some touchingly personal, and most previously unpublished.

The Klondike Quest brings to life the panoramic drama of the great stampede for gold as seen by the ordinary gold-seeker. The photographs are beautifully reproduced and informatively and colorfully captioned. "One million people, it is said, laid plans to go to the Klondike. One hundred thousand actually set off. And so the Klondike saga is a chronicle of humanity in the mass.... For the next eighteen months, the Yukon interior plateau became a human anthill."

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Author:Pierre Berton
Publisher:The Boston Mills Press
Erin, ON
Publication Date:1997
Pages:240 pp
Size/Dimensions:9 x 10 1/4


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